szkicownik po tuningu {sketchbook after tuning}

Szukalismy z Fabem szkicownika na prezent dla kolezanki i bardzo nam zalezalo,aby byl ladny i na zewnatrz (okladki) i w srodku (dobry papier, ktory poradzi sobie z tuszami,czy akwarela) no i… nie bylo latwo. W koncu kupilismy zwykly szkicownik z bardzo dobrymi stronami,a okladka zajelam sie ja:)

A while ago we wanted to buy a sketchbook with Fab and we were looking for something good looking outside (the covers) and inside (we wanted good paper which could take watercolours or inks) and it was quite difficult to find what we wanted. So we decided to go for a simple book with great paper, and I took care of the cover!

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