The Summer of Color- ROZOWY {The Summer of Color- PINK}

To juz trzeci tydzien z kolorami na blogu Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Tym razem kolorem tygodnia byl rozowy no nie bede ukrywac, nie do konca moja bajka, az zaskoczona bylam ile rozowosci znalazlo sie w okolicy biurka. Ale na przyklad nie mam zadnej rozowej welny.  Ani literek. Znalazla sie za to rozowa karta urodzinowa, kilka rozowych kredek-farbek neocolor, rozowa kartka w kratke i kwiatki. No i jakos poszlo. A skoro o kolorach mowa, to polecam ten i ten post na blogu Jaszmurki. Piekne i inspirujace zdjecia kolorow, ktore ja otaczaja :)

It’s 3rd week of the color challenge on Twinkle Twinkle Little Star blog. This week it was all about PINK. I will not hide it, pink is not my cup of tea, so I was quite surprised how many pink things I can find around. But still, I don’t have pink wool in my stash. Or pink paint. Or pink alphabets. But I’ve found pink birthday card. And some watercolor neocolor crayons. And writing paper. And nail polish. And flowers. Not too bad :) And as we talk about colors here, you have to check these two posts on Jaszmurka’s blog. She took some mega inspiring photographs of colours around her. Go and have a look!


6 thoughts on “The Summer of Color- ROZOWY {The Summer of Color- PINK}

  1. kristin Van Valkenburgh

    I think this is so cool! I love how you used a birthday card and turned it into something different – and I even love how you added that you don’t love the color – great ideas all around, xo


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