New ORMOLU layout

Hey! Do you know that today it’s 100th day of 2013? Just a fun fact… :) If you are looking for something new from me I’d love to invite you to ORMOLU blog where I’m sharing my new layout- it’s a bit different than normally- let’s say very monochromatic, very light, airy and… with a flower!… Let me know if you like, I actually really enjoyed working on it and I predict more flowers blooming on my pages in the nearest future!

Hej! Wiecie, że dzisiaj wypada 100tny dzień roku? Taka ciekawostka…:) A jeśli wpadliście tu po nowe prace, zapraszam Was serdecznie na bloga Ormolu, gdzie znajdziecie mój świeżutki layout- uprzedzam, nieco inny, monochromatyczny, lekki, napowietrzony i… z kwiatkiem :) A co? Więcej kwiatków będzie, tak uprzedzam;)

100days review Kasia Tomaszewska det3


Hugs! Thank you for your visits and all kind words!

Uściski przesyłam, dziękuję za wszystkie odwiedziny i miłe słowa!


8 thoughts on “New ORMOLU layout

  1. phaerygurl

    Can’t see the whole thing, and I already love it! It’s very freeing to work with a limited color palette, gives you a different perspective.

      1. phaerygurl

        I just did a teaser post for a layout I did and without even thinking, I ended up using only two sheets of the same paper and kept to a simple 3-color palette. Loved it!

      2. phaerygurl

        I just posted a layout where I used two sheets of the same patterned paper and just a few embellishments. I really like how it turned out.

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