Week in Photos 34

Hello and happy Sunday!

I have few photos and some words to share about last week- believe, it was a GOOD week!2013 week 34– my new job makes me more and more excited! This weekend I was looking through some magazines which my brother brought with him from Poland, I glanced at Elle’s cover and my first thought was- I saw it somewhere. Than I knew- “oh. Gucci!” I looked inside and yes, I was right! I’m getting into it! And believe me it’s inspiring and fascinating!

– speaking of work :) I’ve never worked behind the desk in my entire life lol:)

– This weekend it was first time in 3 weeks when I had time to sit at my scrapbooking table. It wasn’t easy to f’nd my mojo…

– but at the end I had some great moments cutting paper and playing with colors! I made 2 new layouts for Lemon Owl which I will be sharing in September- yes, I’m trying to stay as much ahead of my to do list as I can!

How was your week and weekend? :)



3 thoughts on “Week in Photos 34

  1. axelle06

    So important to be interested in your work, lucky you are ! Personaly, my week was awful but the week-end was better : painting in my future daughteŕs room and creating twenty invitation cards !!! A creative week-end so !


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