here&now September

here and now

these days

listening to fun playlists on 8tracks. I love the sweater weather lately :)

feeling autumn behind the corner

wanting to reorganize so many things and make them work with new lifestyle

needing to do above :)

thinking about making some small goals for this fall!

enjoying work. Seriously:)

learning so many new things everyday that I kind of lost track!

reading  still Legimi! I love how much I read thanks to it! Now I have Les Farfocles to finish :)

using hundreds of post its and highlighters every week! I love that my job includes geeking out about being organized!

looking forward honestly- to- autumn! I want to wear autumn clothes, drink lots of tea in the evenings and listen to the rain!


here&now: JAN, FEB, MAR, APR, MAY, JUN

3 thoughts on “here&now September

  1. axelle06

    Autumn is my fav´ season ! Maybe because I looooooooove rain. Not everyday of the year, but you now, when the storm comes suddenly, with the sound of rain on the trees… Great ! The colors also and the seasonal food… Hummmmm

  2. Candace

    Great list to remember the everyday in years to come. However, I not quite sure that I want to listen to the rain. Rain here in Wales gets a little tiresome.


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