Week in photos 37 – WEEK IN THE LIFE

Today my Week in Photos has a bit different format than usually- all thanks to Ali Edwards’s Week in The Life action. I did it two years ago  in April 2011 and I love looking at these photos- us, our routine, our home, our clothes, everything- simply our life back than. I wish I did it last year and I didn’t want to miss this year so although I knew I won’t be able to take many photos with my camera I took advantage of iPhone and was snapping with it like crazy :)PicMonkey CollageThis time around the weeks are all about finding balance between work, home, relationship, exercising, scrapbooking, family, friends, relaxing- and believe me, it’s not super easy. I’m used to setting my goals high and following my plan so these days it means waking up early, exercising and working on blog before work. I enjoy getting ready every morning (no walking in PJs for half a day and make up games daily!), squeezing time for coffee together and riding the bus to the office with Fab. I work from 10 to 7pm (which means I’m out between 9 and 8.30 ;) and the great thing is that I don’t even realize when most of this time is gone- I like what I do, I enjoy what I learn and it’s a good thing :) On the way home I try to read or catch up with emails and my bloglovin (and believe me Istanbul traffic really makes it super easy ;). I’m working on some super plan which will save us time on evening cooking and so far the experiments work well- we eat out when we WANT to (so once a week or so) not when the situation forces us- there is always dinner/idea and ingredients ready to eat in 15 min after coming home!;) In the evenings we usually watch something (SUITS rock these days!) and when Fab is out I jump into my scrapbooking papers and go wild:) The weekends are for staying in bed, longer runs, shopping at the market, chores, more scrapbooking, preparing dinners for the days ahead, more relaxing, more TV shows, more blogging and planning the following weeks :) Normally we would also go out somewhere- see friends, visit an exhibition, go shopping, but this weekend was eaaaaassssyyy- which isn’t a bad thing at all :)

I’m definitely going to share some tips how I managed to combine fuuuuull time job and all my creative stuff together- as always a good plan is a lifesaver but it’s a topic for another post :)

hAVE YOU PARTİCİPATED İN WEEK İN THE LİFE? If yes please share links to your photos and words below! I would love to see :)

2 thoughts on “Week in photos 37 – WEEK IN THE LIFE

  1. noomiy

    hahaha! ja też właśnie pracuję, wprawdzie nie na full time, ale też więcej niż na pół full time i też mam refleksje i też się dopiero uczę tego jak wszystko pogodzić :) Ahh well, chętnie poczytam twoje spostrzeżenia :)

  2. Candace

    I didn’t specifically participate but I certainly took more everyday photos which I will use in my Project Life album. this means this week will likely be a 4 page spread instead of the usual 2 pages.

    Working, hobbies, socialising etc can be hard to juggle in this non stop modern world we live in.


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