My 6 favorite autumn projects from the past and how they can inspire today!

Hello and welcome on Wednesday!


If you follow my pinterest and facebook you might know that I’m desperately waiting for autumn! We’ve had hot summer in here for last few months and I feel like enough is enough and it’s a good moment for season and wardrobe change;) So the other day I was looking through my autumn scrapbooking and craft projects from last years and I thought I could share them with you too! I’ll start from the older ones and finish with newer projects so you can also see a bit how the style of my scrapbooks has changed in time! It’s a great, creative exercise to learn from your own progress :)


I love composition of this page and fun textures captured in layers. And hey, can you see the hand stitched leaves? I’m so going to repeat this page one day:)


ı still love the rich, autumn color palette in here; also the cut photograph and stitched frame are worth to remember:)


(You can click above to see more pictures) I made this album inspired by one of the first e-courses I took and well there is something enchanted about it- it’s messy and shows textures- paper, tape, wool, felt, leaves- all things autumn closed in a mini :)


This page is much more “me” :) I think what I like about it the most is fun background, mix of layers and unusual color palette for autumn.


In this album you can see the same photos as in the previous one but they have totally new face thanks to different techniques, medias and embellishments. Which one do you prefer?


The last one is the crazy one :) I still don’t know how I managed to fit it all on one page but somehow it work :)

So here is my little autumn wrap, what do you think? It was really recharging and inspiring to browse through my layouts and treat them as inspiration source! I am going to use these ideas again and show you the results soon! I could encourage everyone to try to do this same and if you do, please share the links with me!! Have a gorgeous and creative day!


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