Week in Photos 38

Hello (and yes I can’t and I don’t want to think that it’s Sunday night already!)

Here are some photos and notes from last week:week38Last week we did lots of juggling- literally there was a lot PUSHING to get stuff done. I feel like the creative part of me finally agreed to this new work routine and I made some progress in actually having things done when I can make a bit of time- which usually means early mornings, lunch breaks and evenings. It feels good and finally over the weekend I got to sit down and make something just for fun! I see some light here :)

I’ve had some time this week to visit vintage shops in Istanbul- if you ever come here Çukurcuma is a place to go! So many gorgeous pieces! The weather has changed to the more autumn-like so morning coffee from Fab and hot drinks are must!

And today we went for a run! It was fun 6 km around the lake with beautiful forest around and the air fresh after rain! When I was running some other things, some stuff I hear a lot kept coming back to me and with every step I built my answer to it.

I also listened to some super inspiring speech on TED talks last night and it really made me thinking!

That’s it:) I hope your week was good and the new one will be even better! Huge hugs!


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