5 Autumn Goals

Hello and happy Monday!

We have officially entered Autumn now and I’m super happy about it! I don’t want things to slip through my fingers and I don’t want to miss this beautiful season- instead I want to set myself in a mood to make the most of it! I’ve been thinking for a while what I want to embrace in the next 2 months (until end of November when everything will start screaming Christmas!) and here is the little list of my simple goals I came up with.

autumn goals

1.Weekly craft projects for the home. Every week I’m going to make something for our home, I’ve been pinning like crazy and I want to choose some easy projects to make our place more us!

2. Read 3 books. I’m going to read 3 books- I’ll use my Legimi for it as it’s the most convienient way to read for me and I have some books I’m really excited about!

3. Try new meal every week. I’ve been planning our meals for a while so including new recipes shouldn’t be too hard! I also can’t wait to use my cookery books more!

4. Photo walk. I want to grab our cameras and go for a walk to capture some beautiful autumn moments like we did in the years before!

5. Wardrobe update. A new job makes me think about clothes a lot and I want to pay more attention to my wardrobe so there are some fun shopping trips scheduled this fall!

2 thoughts on “5 Autumn Goals

  1. phaerygurl

    Awesome goals! And I have to say, I like the style I’ve seen in your photos so far! But I love clothes shopping, too, when I find stuff that fits my style! :)


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