week in photos 39

Hello and happy Monday!

2013week39I think we just passed something which seemed to be the busiest weekend ever and now things should slow down and settle into our regular routine – I’m so happy and grateful for that, I love routine!

The autumn is slowly setting down in İstanbul, the colors change and the air gets more crispy- time for jeans, converse and take away hot drinks in the morning! I try to squeeze in some creative time in the busy days and sometimes it works, sometimes doesn’t but that’s ok! I get crazy in the kitchen during the weekends and catch up with all the cooking which I miss during weekdays- weekends are a feast! Also there was another run this week- I had to watch it from behind the line because after last week my foot acts funny and I don’t think I’ll be running in the nearest future:( But still it was fun to cheer Fab, take photos and get some happy energy from the running people! :)

Have a happy week guys!


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