week in photos 40

Hello and happy Monday!

Here are few notes and photos from last week!
2013 week 40

It was a good, fun week! We changed things around a bit and instead of having a date night we went for a coffee date in the morning on the way to work- it’s such a little thing but I was in a great mood for a whole long day later- you should definitely try it!

The weather has changed rapidly so we welcomed back to our lifes sweaters, slippers and blankets and the lovely ritual of staying in bed for longer! There is something magical and magnetic about the bed in autumn- I could stay there forever, especially with good reading stuff and something yummy on side (I know- naughty!)

Following my autumn to do list we did some fun shopping last weekend! I’ve had a little wardrobe update and we also got some essentials for the home and for running- my foot seems better so I want to go back to training!

And yes.. this week I’m counting down before longer holidays- literally I can’t wait!

Have a lovely week everyone!

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