week in photos 44 & 45

Hello and happy Monday!


2013 week 45

WEEK45 We visited the opening of Contemporary Istanbul. I love this event and I feel so happy that we found some time to go and see and feel art! I feel like lately the days pass filled with work and my other commitments take all the free time so being out and doing something different felt awesome!

The work got a bit crazy with new season opening today. I need good energy so making time to appreciate little things is so important! Beautiful sunsets, quiet mornings, runs, chatting with my family and friends, delicious food- I feel thankful for all these happiness capsules!

My Sunday was a blessing- after some household jobs I finally organized my scraproom a bit, digged into some new goodies from Lemon Owl and Citrus Twist Kits, had time to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee.. It’s a bit different with Fab being away and I miss his company BUT I appreciate the little break so much!

I couldn’t stop myself from trying this new recipe for granola bars and I’m so happy with the result! They came out delicious and I’m happy to have the health(ish) snack with me on hand! Next time I’ll stuck them with coconut and dried cherries. Or with nuts!

2013 week 44

WEEK 44 The week started with a lovely Monday spent outside the office- I got to visit my favorite places in a good company..

I did some shopping towards my wardrobe update goal- the effect was a day in the office on high heels :) It looked good. It felt great! But after 11 hours of that my feet were killing me next day ;)

I started Christmas season- first cards have been made and it didn’t happen without some little accidents- but what would be the season without some glitter everywhere?:)

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