HERE & NOW November

here and now


listening to more music on 8tracks… it’s my current to go music website. I can find here music for any mood and occasion and I love discovering new songs this way! Now playing

feeling obligated to appreciate all the little happy moments to balance the stress of busy, busy, busy days. I’ve been jotting down 3 things which made me happy during the day every evening and it feels like such a good and refreshing thing to do!

wanting to take a little break- one weekend when I can just do a sweet nothing or at least the things which I want to do not have to do :)

needing to get serious about all the Christmas preparation! Cards, presents and a little bit of new decorations for our home would be in order :)

thinking about how this month is our 5th year anniversary month, how many things have changed and how much we’ve grown in these years.

enjoying work (yes I do!) and having Fab at home for last few weeks. I love coming home and knowing that he is here.

learning a lot about attitude. About how to get the balance. I keep repeating myself that for sure what I do is important but so many little things and details freak me out too much- after all I do not save lifes and  I need to remind it myself every now and than. Things look different when you look at the big picture.

reading  Legimi! I’m almost done with my 3 books challenge for autumn and there are still so many books on my reading list! I love reading on my way to and from work, it makes Istanbul traffic much easier to survive and my brain magically switches from work to home mood on these journeys:)

using some new haircare stuff. I switched to lighter shampoos and my hair is so happy with this change.

looking forward to some quiet time.. and to Fab being back at home!


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