week in photos 46

2013 week46another week has passed and we are so close to the end of the year right now.. :) It was busy, busy, busy- I feel like I was working non stop and never could finish what I wanted so at the end I decided to slow down and just enjoy a little freedom :)

Fab came back home on Friday and brought lots of yummy stuff from his parents! I’m planning some serious lemon curd making this week:)

Today we entered Avrasya Marathon for a first time! We set up for 10K and of course got super disturbed with beautiful view and each other comapny so at the end we ran around 7K but still it was worth it! We were so lucky with the weather and I’ll be looking forward to this event next year! Also, do you like my new running NIKEs? I’m kind of obsessed and in love!

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