Week in Photos 48

Hello and happy Monday! Welcome to week 48- can you believe- only 4 more weeks and we can call this year gone!2013 week 48


This week marked our 5th anniversary with Fab! Every time when I think about it I’m amazed with the journey we’ve done together so far and full of dreams about the days, months and years to come! We didn’t do anything special to celebrate this anniversary but we sneaked in cinema night (Hunger Games Catching Fire and some delicious chips before!) and did some magical 5K runs this weekend:)

We also received a huge box full of goodies from my parents :) It made the weekend super special- I could relax and switch off a bit with a cup of my favorite tea with some nostalgic gingerbread biscuits and my beloved magazine… it felt so good!

We also pulled some decorations around the house. It begins to look a lot like Christmas….but before we jump into these we enjoy more everyday kind of art which Fab made for our bedroom! I love it and love the idea of waking up to some happy and motivating canvases (although the reality is that I wake up at 6am and it’s pitch dark in the room so I can’t see much hahaha)

1 thought on “Week in Photos 48

  1. Creative Treasures

    HI Kasia! I haven’t had much time to stop by and visit blogs. I wanted to say hello and let you know that I think of you, and I am so thankful that I met you on the Internet. You are such a inspiration to me, and I am glad we are distant friends. =) Melissa


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