Week in Photos 49

Time flies by and the first week of December is over. I promised myself to make this month as Christmassy as I can and here we go…2013 week 49


Work has been crazy this week. So many things to do, so little time. I do my best. I think about big picture. I try to find the balance as much as I can. I focus on little happy moments. And to be honest I will see how it will all go :)

We had first gingerbread lattes this season and they were so nice! The weather got colder in our part of the World and it made this coffee even more enjoyable!

I had an opportunity to work during the photoshooting. Fun? Yes. Chaos? Yes. And also a good opportunity to see how the things work (or don’t) behind the scenes. Do I like it? Well :D I love being on the other side of the camera and shooting photos much more!

Our home is the best place on Earth and it gets more and more festive with cute decorations and red and white details popping around!

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