HERE&NOW December

here and now


listening to Christmas songs of course! What else could play all day long just few weeks before the Holiday :)

feeling festive! You know it’s not always easy- there isn’t much of Christmas in Istanbul and now with working full time creating Christmas at home is tricky BUT we do our best!

wanting to write more on my blog, create more, bake gingerbread, send my post… I actually want quite a lot!

needing to do some decent cleaning at home. yucks!

thinking about my One Little Word for 2014. Have you picked yours yet?

enjoying snow (yes it’s snowing like crazy in Istanbul as I’m typing this!)

learning how to find balance, how to find balance, how to find balance!

reading  Legimi! I finished my 3 books challenge and it put me in such a reading mood! I read every day while commuting and LOVE it!

using lots of new beautiful scrappy goodies!!

looking forward to going to my beloved London in 2 weeks! And than to Rome! And to Milan! Lucky me!:D


here&now: JAN, FEB, MAR, APR, MAY, JUN, SEP, NOV

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