Happy New Year and 2013 in review!


Hello and welcome in 2014!!! First of all I want to wish you all super special and happy New Year! Be creative and live your life to it’s fullest! I wish you tons of colorful happiness, lots of love and days filled with happy moments!

Before I jump into 2014 (and tell you a bit about my new plans and dreams!) let’s wrap up 2013! It was an amazing year- the year of growth and finding my way! I met so many amazing and inspiring people who I learned so much from! I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who gave me a chance and believed in me and my passion in the last 12 months- all my wonderful DT, blogging opportunities, special orders and creative adventures made this past year unforgetable!


My creative resume became full of great experiences in the scrapbooking industry, my magazine shelf gained some new publications featuring my work and thanks to Citrus Twist Kits I got the chance to prepare my first self paced online class- STARTbooking!


2013 was a year of change for me- I started a full time job in the fashion industry and as the amount of time I could give to my paper hobby dropped a lot I understood that this passion is something more than free time activity- it’s my true love :) Scrapbooking and paper crafting became a huge and very important part of my life and I’m not going to give up on them! 2014 will be a year of searching balance between career, creativity, scrapbooking, blogging and personal growth! I know that with good plan it’s possible to squeeze a lot in 24 hours which we all get and I’m going to make most of my time!


What will you find on worqshop in 2014? Well, definitely there will be plenty of paper projects but I’m also working on some new things which I’m really excited to share with you soon! There will be a bit about squeezing creativity in busy days, planning and organizing, and sourcing as much inspiration from everyday as it’s possible! Let’s tune in for 2014 together!


I’m obsessed with fresh start, new beginnings and blank canvases- these 12 months is a pure, white page and it’s totally up to you how to paint it! Happy New Year guys!

11 thoughts on “Happy New Year and 2013 in review!

  1. dj

    życzę Ci przede wszystkim czasu na każda pasje i dużo weny twórczej!

    zdradza proszę skąd ta pieczątka z obracanymi literkami!

  2. Antilight

    Trzymam kciuki, abyś szybko doszła do balansu pomiędzy tymi wszystkimi rzeczami! Jesteś dla mnie mistrzem organizacji więc wierzę że podołasz :) No i szczęśliwego nowego roku!


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