One Little Word 2014

Now, once the Christmas and New Year excitment has dropped and we are back into the everyday routine I can honestly say that the last few weeks have been a crazy whirlwind. I was trying to do everything at once- manage work, preparing Christmas, CHA assigments, blog, social medias and hey yes life- that part which includes laundry, cooking, cleaning and other boring stuff. And in the meantime I tried to be a good employee, blogger, scrapbooker, girlfriend, daughter, sister and friend. And I tried, and tried and sometimes just wished I could press the stop button somewhere because in all of that I couldn’t really find ME.

CTK blog hop 2

I was dreaming of a moment of peace and feeling joy because of what I do. A moment when I would feel that the different parts of my life- which I all love and don’t want to give up any of them- work together, that they are coordinated and work like a good mechanism. At that point I created a scrapbooking layout which showed my feelings really well and lead me to my One Little Word for upcoming 12 months!


The word BALANCE came to me when I needed it most. At the moment my life is super full and it’s very easy to loose the balance in it. I feel like I’m juggling many balls and as much as I love everyone of them it I stress too much and need to calm things down a bit. So in 2014 I invite BALANCE to my life. I’ll search for right proportion and focus on growing in different parts of my life. I also feel like it’s such a fun word and it’ll challenge and develop me in many new ways! I started a new board on my pinterest where I collect all BALANCE related inspirations and you are more than welcome to have a look there!


Tomorrow I will tell you a little bit more what BALANCE means to me and how I decided to include it in my goals this year! In the meantime if you aren’t familiar with the concept of One Little Word check it on Ali Edward’s blog!

7 thoughts on “One Little Word 2014

  1. noomiy

    Dzięki, że się podzieliłaś swoim… sprowadziło moje myśli na moje własne :*


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