setting goals for 2014 and free printable

When I decided on my One Little Word I immediately wanted to work on the ways I could use it in the near future. I think it only shows how good and accurate the word is for me these days- I’ve been picking the words for last 3 years and never felt such an urge to actually use my word! BALANCE made me think about different parts of my life and the way to make them work together.

I created a pinterest board related to BALANCE and while pinning random images and quotes I felt really inspired by this one:


I immediately started brainstorming and thinking in what kind of categories I could divide my life into- I was looking for groups within which I could work on myself and my routine to improve the quality of everyday BALANCE in my life. I came up with creativity, job, spirit, body, relationships and home. They are totally individual and probably if you tried to do this exercise for yourself you could end up with different groups, but that’s what is relevant for me right now.


I gave myself some time to think about stuff I would like to focus on within each group. I was writing down random smaller and bigger ideas, goals and plans and at the end of the day I had a decent list which started me thinking of my resolutions. After some selecting, grouping and prioritizing I created 6 big goals which I want to accomplish- 1 for each of the categories. The big goals accumulated some of the smaller ones and this makes me really excited to work on them!

Last year I decided to go with a concept of setting smaller monthly goals instead of big ones at the beginning of the year and as much as I liked the feeling of fresh start every month I really missed a main focus and big picture in which I could see my progress. So this year I changed things a bit and I’ll be again setting monthly goals for each of my categories, but as I have my 6 big goals written down they will set the direction for the small monthly plans! I’m really happy about this concept and to make tracking my goals easier I created a small printable which I want to share with you here today!

balance goal planner


This page is focused around my concept and the important areas of life I want to improve, but if you think it could be useful for you too that’s great! Enjoy using it :) I hope that by the end of my well BALANCEd 2014 these small goals will lead me to accomplishing the big ones. I love the idea of jotting down few fresh steps every month and feeling that I have a set destination I’m moving forward to!  Can’t wait to see where this creative journey will take me in months to come!

9 thoughts on “setting goals for 2014 and free printable

  1. ach!

    Bez planowania nie umiem już żyć :) U mnie sprawdza się system miesięczny. Gęba się cieszy gdy uda się zrealizować np. 70 %. I choć moje priortyrty/ nazwy tabelek są nieco inne to i tak dzięki za pomysł. Pozdrawiam, ach!

  2. Zielona Owca

    Wykorzystałam twoją grafikę aby wypisać plany, postanowienia i marzenia na 2014 rok. Jak widać, jest bardzo uniwersalna :) Czytam twojego bloga już od dawna i uważam, że posty o twoim codziennym życiu (jak na przykład planowanie) są bardzo ciekawą odmianą od pokazywania wyników twórczych zmagań. Powodzenia w 2014 roku!

    1. worqshop Post author

      super ze sie przydala!
      Mam taki maly plan zeby w tym roku wiecej przeplatac tresci na blogu, nie samymi scrapami czlowiek zyje :):)

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