Week in Photos 2/2014

2014 week 2


Hello and happy Monday! I’m sorry for a little lack of writing last week- I was away on another work trip, this time we visited Milan! Before that we enjoyed some evenings with Fab- we went to watch an amazing movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (so reccomended guys, it’s an amazing movie!) and we discovered a fun asian food place in Istanbul! In Milan apart of working I managed to squeeze in some time for running, taking photos and just enjoying the city- I love these free hours when I can just simply wonder around and discover! I’ll be definitely sharing more photos and thoughts about Italy later this month, after coming back from Rome!

Have a lovely and happy week!

1 thought on “Week in Photos 2/2014

  1. MichelleB

    Sound like a great week! You’ve inspired me to do this myself and it’s helping me get my photos off my phone/camera and onto my computer. Thank you!


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