Autumn Runs- PL pages


When you are reading these words I’m actually in Rome- my crazy month of travels is coming to an end and I’m sure I’ll have lots of beautiful photos and memories to share here but in the meantime I’ll show you something older. I’m still catching up with my Project Life and these pages were made quite a while ago- I just put them into the album and forgot about them. They tell story of all our races we did past autumn… can’t believe that running season will start soon again and we’ve already signed in for 2 races in 2014! Something to look forward to :)

PL runs1


For these pages I used mix of supplies from Citrus Twist Kits kits from last year and some printables I’ve had on hand. In the Citrus Twist Kits store you will also find a huge selection of page protectors and albums similar size to mine- you often ask where to buy them, so HERE is the answer! I used some stamps and mixed alphas for more random look of the page. I also love to include some real memorabilias into my PL spreads and this time I went for the ribbons which are used with medals which you get after the race! Also I aksed Fab top share his part of the story- I’m sure it’ll make this project even more valubale in the future:)

PL runs det3

PL runs det2

PL runs det4

PL runs det1


Thank you for stopping by! I have 2 more forgotten spreads to share and oh-so-many-to-do! Seriously looking forward to a free weekend when I can just sit and create! For now virtual hugs from Rome!

PS. I decided to leave my laptop behind this time so tomorrow’s Week in Photos won’t happen until later next week… just in case you wondered :)

2 thoughts on “Autumn Runs- PL pages

    1. worqshop Post author

      zapalencami to mzoesz nas Kasia nazywac po ostatniej niedzieli jak bylo zimno i sie slizgalismy w blocie po kostki :P


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