Art Journal – constant search

Do you art journal? I’ve had some times when I was journaling a lot and than I didn’t touch my book for a looooong time… Recently I really wanted to pick it again and finally my One Little World came as a motivation to start! I created a new art journal (I’ll show you cover later this week!) and here is the first entrance totally inspired by January “Magic Days”Pocket Life kit from CTK!
SEARCHING art journal Kasia

Just a simple play with paper, paint and layers.. here are some more close up looks:
SEARCHING art journal Kasia det2

SEARCHING art journal Kasia det3

SEARCHING art journal Kasia det1

SEARCHING art journal Kasia det4


I added details with stamps- I’m a roller stamp addict and the new ones in my collection come from CTK store! Don’t forget to visit it when you shop for your kits!

3 thoughts on “Art Journal – constant search

  1. noomiy

    Świetna strona! Ja też właśnie niedawno po wieeelkiej przerwie wróciłam do żurnalowania :)

  2. Antilight

    ahhh :) fajna strona i miło zobaczyć Cię w journalowej odsłonie ponownie. Zawsze lubiłam Twoje projekty wtym temacie :)


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