One Little World in January



At the beginning of the month I shared here my One Little Word which I picked to set me on track in 2014. Balance still feels like such a good fit! Thinking about this world helped me through some busy days and more tricky moments in the last 30 days and it helped me to make right decisions when I needed it- it felt so good.


Although I shared with you my little printable- a tool to set balanced goals for a month I didn’t really use it much. I had it printed and ready to fill in but somehow it stayed empty until today. And it’s totally OK, because still, subconsciously I was using it to make my decisions. I was allowing myself to stop a bit and enjoy quiet cup of tea. I’ve read more books. I stayed more focused and more productive at work. Recognizing and putting the 6 categories of my life on the scale in my mind and trying to balance them was a good reminder when I needed to decide- push for another hour of scrapping or go for a run? Watch another episode of TV show with Fab or go to bed early and read a bit before falling asleep? I feel like January was a great warm up and for next month I’m going to actually set some measurable and balanced goals for myself!

January BALANCE highlights:
– set new morning routine (can’t wait to blog about it!) which gives me extra 2 hours of free every single day!
– more relaxed approach to scrapbooking and crafting- I’m working to place it on it’s “hobby” shelf rather than obsessing about deadlines and assigments
– more conscious and balanced decisions- recognizing important sectors in life and balancing them in my mind made making decisions much easier and faster
– better attitude and more productive days at work which in general makes me much happier!
– working on staying organized- believe me or not but living with a plan is what actually opens up free time for all the fun things and spontaneous adventures out there!


So, how are you doing with your One Little Word? Even if you haven’t had the strong start yet you can still catch up! It’s actually first year for me when I feel the magic of this project so much and I love it!

2 thoughts on “One Little World in January

  1. noomiy

    Ja nadal uczę się mojego słowa (positive), niestety życie płata mi figle i wcale nie jest to takie łatwe, ale…. STAY POSITIVE ;)


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