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One Little Word 2014

Now, once the Christmas and New Year excitment has dropped and we are back into the everyday routine I can honestly say that the last few weeks have been a crazy whirlwind. I was trying to do everything at once- manage work, preparing Christmas, CHA assigments, blog, social medias and hey yes life- that part which includes laundry, cooking, cleaning and other boring stuff. And in the meantime I tried to be a good employee, blogger, scrapbooker, girlfriend, daughter, sister and friend. And I tried, and tried and sometimes just wished I could press the stop button somewhere because in all of that I couldn’t really find ME.

CTK blog hop 2

I was dreaming of a moment of peace and feeling joy because of what I do. A moment when I would feel that the different parts of my life- which I all love and don’t want to give up any of them- work together, that they are coordinated and work like a good mechanism. At that point I created a scrapbooking layout which showed my feelings really well and lead me to my One Little Word for upcoming 12 months!


The word BALANCE came to me when I needed it most. At the moment my life is super full and it’s very easy to loose the balance in it. I feel like I’m juggling many balls and as much as I love everyone of them it I stress too much and need to calm things down a bit. So in 2014 I invite BALANCE to my life. I’ll search for right proportion and focus on growing in different parts of my life. I also feel like it’s such a fun word and it’ll challenge and develop me in many new ways! I started a new board on my pinterest where I collect all BALANCE related inspirations and you are more than welcome to have a look there!


Tomorrow I will tell you a little bit more what BALANCE means to me and how I decided to include it in my goals this year! In the meantime if you aren’t familiar with the concept of One Little Word check it on Ali Edward’s blog!

Happy New Year and 2013 in review!


Hello and welcome in 2014!!! First of all I want to wish you all super special and happy New Year! Be creative and live your life to it’s fullest! I wish you tons of colorful happiness, lots of love and days filled with happy moments!

Before I jump into 2014 (and tell you a bit about my new plans and dreams!) let’s wrap up 2013! It was an amazing year- the year of growth and finding my way! I met so many amazing and inspiring people who I learned so much from! I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who gave me a chance and believed in me and my passion in the last 12 months- all my wonderful DT, blogging opportunities, special orders and creative adventures made this past year unforgetable!


My creative resume became full of great experiences in the scrapbooking industry, my magazine shelf gained some new publications featuring my work and thanks to Citrus Twist Kits I got the chance to prepare my first self paced online class- STARTbooking!


2013 was a year of change for me- I started a full time job in the fashion industry and as the amount of time I could give to my paper hobby dropped a lot I understood that this passion is something more than free time activity- it’s my true love :) Scrapbooking and paper crafting became a huge and very important part of my life and I’m not going to give up on them! 2014 will be a year of searching balance between career, creativity, scrapbooking, blogging and personal growth! I know that with good plan it’s possible to squeeze a lot in 24 hours which we all get and I’m going to make most of my time!


What will you find on worqshop in 2014? Well, definitely there will be plenty of paper projects but I’m also working on some new things which I’m really excited to share with you soon! There will be a bit about squeezing creativity in busy days, planning and organizing, and sourcing as much inspiration from everyday as it’s possible! Let’s tune in for 2014 together!


I’m obsessed with fresh start, new beginnings and blank canvases- these 12 months is a pure, white page and it’s totally up to you how to paint it! Happy New Year guys!

HERE&NOW December

here and now


listening to Christmas songs of course! What else could play all day long just few weeks before the Holiday :)

feeling festive! You know it’s not always easy- there isn’t much of Christmas in Istanbul and now with working full time creating Christmas at home is tricky BUT we do our best!

wanting to write more on my blog, create more, bake gingerbread, send my post… I actually want quite a lot!

needing to do some decent cleaning at home. yucks!

thinking about my One Little Word for 2014. Have you picked yours yet?

enjoying snow (yes it’s snowing like crazy in Istanbul as I’m typing this!)

learning how to find balance, how to find balance, how to find balance!

reading  Legimi! I finished my 3 books challenge and it put me in such a reading mood! I read every day while commuting and LOVE it!

using lots of new beautiful scrappy goodies!!

looking forward to going to my beloved London in 2 weeks! And than to Rome! And to Milan! Lucky me!:D


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HERE & NOW November

here and now


listening to more music on 8tracks… it’s my current to go music website. I can find here music for any mood and occasion and I love discovering new songs this way! Now playing

feeling obligated to appreciate all the little happy moments to balance the stress of busy, busy, busy days. I’ve been jotting down 3 things which made me happy during the day every evening and it feels like such a good and refreshing thing to do!

wanting to take a little break- one weekend when I can just do a sweet nothing or at least the things which I want to do not have to do :)

needing to get serious about all the Christmas preparation! Cards, presents and a little bit of new decorations for our home would be in order :)

thinking about how this month is our 5th year anniversary month, how many things have changed and how much we’ve grown in these years.

enjoying work (yes I do!) and having Fab at home for last few weeks. I love coming home and knowing that he is here.

learning a lot about attitude. About how to get the balance. I keep repeating myself that for sure what I do is important but so many little things and details freak me out too much- after all I do not save lifes and  I need to remind it myself every now and than. Things look different when you look at the big picture.

reading  Legimi! I’m almost done with my 3 books challenge for autumn and there are still so many books on my reading list! I love reading on my way to and from work, it makes Istanbul traffic much easier to survive and my brain magically switches from work to home mood on these journeys:)

using some new haircare stuff. I switched to lighter shampoos and my hair is so happy with this change.

looking forward to some quiet time.. and to Fab being back at home!


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5 Autumn Goals

Hello and happy Monday!

We have officially entered Autumn now and I’m super happy about it! I don’t want things to slip through my fingers and I don’t want to miss this beautiful season- instead I want to set myself in a mood to make the most of it! I’ve been thinking for a while what I want to embrace in the next 2 months (until end of November when everything will start screaming Christmas!) and here is the little list of my simple goals I came up with.

autumn goals

1.Weekly craft projects for the home. Every week I’m going to make something for our home, I’ve been pinning like crazy and I want to choose some easy projects to make our place more us!

2. Read 3 books. I’m going to read 3 books- I’ll use my Legimi for it as it’s the most convienient way to read for me and I have some books I’m really excited about!

3. Try new meal every week. I’ve been planning our meals for a while so including new recipes shouldn’t be too hard! I also can’t wait to use my cookery books more!

4. Photo walk. I want to grab our cameras and go for a walk to capture some beautiful autumn moments like we did in the years before!

5. Wardrobe update. A new job makes me think about clothes a lot and I want to pay more attention to my wardrobe so there are some fun shopping trips scheduled this fall!

here&now September

here and now

these days

listening to fun playlists on 8tracks. I love the sweater weather lately :)

feeling autumn behind the corner

wanting to reorganize so many things and make them work with new lifestyle

needing to do above :)

thinking about making some small goals for this fall!

enjoying work. Seriously:)

learning so many new things everyday that I kind of lost track!

reading  still Legimi! I love how much I read thanks to it! Now I have Les Farfocles to finish :)

using hundreds of post its and highlighters every week! I love that my job includes geeking out about being organized!

looking forward honestly- to- autumn! I want to wear autumn clothes, drink lots of tea in the evenings and listen to the rain!


here&now: JAN, FEB, MAR, APR, MAY, JUN

here & now AUGUST

here and now

This last few weeks have been divided between working from home (yes, they were my last weeks of working from home as since from Monday my routine has totally changed and I’m experiencing something totally new- regular job! I will tell you about it more soon, for now let’s say… it’s a regular job in totally irregular place,  creative and interesting with so much to learn, but let’s be honest so far hard on me…) and holiday. I loved both- I totally enjoyed everyday of my old routine- creating, photographing, writing and taking care of everyday stuff, baking bread, enjoying long mornings and lots of freedom while at home and than resting and charging batteries in Fab’s company on holiday! Let’s see ıf I manage to adjust to new stuff now…


What have you been up to these days? Are you enjoying the end of summer? Have a lovely Thursday and hey, weekend is coming!