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Week in Photos 47

2013 week 47Day after day autumn is easier to be seen in Istanbul. It’s about time, don’t you think so? Still the weather is perfect for running, walks, taking photos and enjoying the time outside… I love seeing the colorful leaves around, wearing sweaters and wellingtones and sipping delicious coffee while enjoying Saturday afternoon with Fab… :)

HERE & NOW November

here and now


listening to more music on 8tracks… it’s my current to go music website. I can find here music for any mood and occasion and I love discovering new songs this way! Now playing

feeling obligated to appreciate all the little happy moments to balance the stress of busy, busy, busy days. I’ve been jotting down 3 things which made me happy during the day every evening and it feels like such a good and refreshing thing to do!

wanting to take a little break- one weekend when I can just do a sweet nothing or at least the things which I want to do not have to do :)

needing to get serious about all the Christmas preparation! Cards, presents and a little bit of new decorations for our home would be in order :)

thinking about how this month is our 5th year anniversary month, how many things have changed and how much we’ve grown in these years.

enjoying work (yes I do!) and having Fab at home for last few weeks. I love coming home and knowing that he is here.

learning a lot about attitude. About how to get the balance. I keep repeating myself that for sure what I do is important but so many little things and details freak me out too much- after all I do not save lifes and  I need to remind it myself every now and than. Things look different when you look at the big picture.

reading  Legimi! I’m almost done with my 3 books challenge for autumn and there are still so many books on my reading list! I love reading on my way to and from work, it makes Istanbul traffic much easier to survive and my brain magically switches from work to home mood on these journeys:)

using some new haircare stuff. I switched to lighter shampoos and my hair is so happy with this change.

looking forward to some quiet time.. and to Fab being back at home!


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Week in Photos 38

Hello (and yes I can’t and I don’t want to think that it’s Sunday night already!)

Here are some photos and notes from last week:week38Last week we did lots of juggling- literally there was a lot PUSHING to get stuff done. I feel like the creative part of me finally agreed to this new work routine and I made some progress in actually having things done when I can make a bit of time- which usually means early mornings, lunch breaks and evenings. It feels good and finally over the weekend I got to sit down and make something just for fun! I see some light here :)

I’ve had some time this week to visit vintage shops in Istanbul- if you ever come here Çukurcuma is a place to go! So many gorgeous pieces! The weather has changed to the more autumn-like so morning coffee from Fab and hot drinks are must!

And today we went for a run! It was fun 6 km around the lake with beautiful forest around and the air fresh after rain! When I was running some other things, some stuff I hear a lot kept coming back to me and with every step I built my answer to it.

I also listened to some super inspiring speech on TED talks last night and it really made me thinking!

That’s it:) I hope your week was good and the new one will be even better! Huge hugs!


Week in Photos 34

Hello and happy Sunday!

I have few photos and some words to share about last week- believe, it was a GOOD week!2013 week 34– my new job makes me more and more excited! This weekend I was looking through some magazines which my brother brought with him from Poland, I glanced at Elle’s cover and my first thought was- I saw it somewhere. Than I knew- “oh. Gucci!” I looked inside and yes, I was right! I’m getting into it! And believe me it’s inspiring and fascinating!

– speaking of work :) I’ve never worked behind the desk in my entire life lol:)

– This weekend it was first time in 3 weeks when I had time to sit at my scrapbooking table. It wasn’t easy to f’nd my mojo…

– but at the end I had some great moments cutting paper and playing with colors! I made 2 new layouts for Lemon Owl which I will be sharing in September- yes, I’m trying to stay as much ahead of my to do list as I can!

How was your week and weekend? :)


Here & Now II July


here and nowJULY1

listening to happy, summer music- perfect for tropical weather in here:)

feeling that the time flies by faster when you enjoy it!

wanting everything pesto and tomatoes!

needing to charge batteries and make a good plan for autumn!

thinking that the new adventures are awesome and I will somehow make it all ”click” well!

enjoying being in my scraproom again!

learning new yoga moves- it’s exciting and makes me moving when it’s too hot to run!

reading  ‘more and more ebooks from Legimi! currently ”In the Land of Invisible Women” amazing story with great insights.

using my camera a lot! I decided to take part in 30 days self portrait challenge and you can find my pictures on Instagram!

looking forward to another holiday trip- Marmaris, we will see you soon!

słucham lekkiej, wakacyjnej muzy pełnej słońca:)

czuję  że czas pędzi jak szalony, zwłaszcza gdy naprawdę się nim cieszymy!

chcę naładować baterie ile się da i zrobić mądre plany na jesień

potrzebuję trochę odpocząć od Stambułu

myślę że zmiany i nowe rzeczy, które na mnie czekają są w sumie super i jakoś dam radę ogarnąć wszystko na tyle, aby zaklikało:) 

cieszę się każdą minutą spędzoną przy scrapowym stole!

uczę się nowych pozycji w jodze! To świetna alternatywa gdy gorąc za ognem utrudnia bieganie!

czytam ‘książki z oferty klubowej w Legimi– uwielbiam! W tej chwili mam w rękach ”W kraju niewidzialnych kobiet” i gorąco, gorąco polecam, ciekawa historia i inne spojrzenie ”z wewnątrz”!

używam codziennie aparatu! Zdecydowałam się wziąć udział w wyzwnaiu 30 days selfportrait challenge a zdjęcia z niego możecie śledzić na moim instagramie!

czekam na kolejny wakacyjny wyjazd- Marmaris, nadchodzimy!!

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2013 week in photos 29

2013 week 29


Such a week, first days after coming home from holiday have been awesome!

– I wrote so many plans, ideas and goals in my notebook while waiting for flight from Kiev to Istanbul… 6 hours with limited internet were precious!

– Finally I came home to him ;)

– And I came to my kitchen! First weekend in Istanbul was celebrated with delicious, homemade semifreddo!

– And I came to my desk! Oh, I missed it SO MUCH, it’s great to be back and jump in this happy mess again!

Co za tydzień, te kilka dni od powrotu do domu było niesamowite!

– czekając na lot z Kijowa do Stambułu (6 godzin, co tam) zapisałam pół zeszytu planami, podsumowaniami i pomysłami, które teraz powoli zacznę sobie wcielać w życie:)

– Wreszcie wróciłam do Faba :)

– I do mojej kuchni! Pierwszy weekend powitaliśmy domowym jogurtowo-wiśniowym semifreddo :)

– I wróciłam do swojego biurka! Najbardziej brakowało mi tego miejsca, wpadłam prosto w papiery i w środek tego kolorowego bałaganu!

2013 week in photos 27

2013 week 27


another amazing week of holiday has passed (too!) quickly! I eat raspberries almost everyday, spend time with my lovely family, meet friends, visit new places, read, watch, listen… and the more I miss Fab and our Istanbul home, the more I know that leaving Warsaw will be hard. I think I fell in love with my city all over again:)

– raspberries for breakfast

– bubble tea with my brother and his lovely wife

– ice cream with high school friends

– polish magazines everywhere- heaven :)

kolejny wspaniały tydzień wakacji zleciał (za!) szybko! Jem maliny, spędzam czas z rodziną, spotykam dawno niewidzianych znajomych, odwiedzam nowe miejsca, czytam, oglądam, słucham… i im bardziej tęsknię za moim Fabem i naszym stambulskim domem tym bardziej wiem jak ciężko będzie mi zostawić Warszawę! Chyba zakochałam się w tym mieście zupełnie od nowa:)

– malinki na śniadanie

– bubble tea z moim bratem i bratową:)

– pyszne lody z przyjaciółką z liceum

– polskie gazety wszędzie dookoła- niebo!