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Week in Photos 49

Time flies by and the first week of December is over. I promised myself to make this month as Christmassy as I can and here we go…2013 week 49


Work has been crazy this week. So many things to do, so little time. I do my best. I think about big picture. I try to find the balance as much as I can. I focus on little happy moments. And to be honest I will see how it will all go :)

We had first gingerbread lattes this season and they were so nice! The weather got colder in our part of the World and it made this coffee even more enjoyable!

I had an opportunity to work during the photoshooting. Fun? Yes. Chaos? Yes. And also a good opportunity to see how the things work (or don’t) behind the scenes. Do I like it? Well :D I love being on the other side of the camera and shooting photos much more!

Our home is the best place on Earth and it gets more and more festive with cute decorations and red and white details popping around!

Week in Photos 48

Hello and happy Monday! Welcome to week 48- can you believe- only 4 more weeks and we can call this year gone!2013 week 48


This week marked our 5th anniversary with Fab! Every time when I think about it I’m amazed with the journey we’ve done together so far and full of dreams about the days, months and years to come! We didn’t do anything special to celebrate this anniversary but we sneaked in cinema night (Hunger Games Catching Fire and some delicious chips before!) and did some magical 5K runs this weekend:)

We also received a huge box full of goodies from my parents :) It made the weekend super special- I could relax and switch off a bit with a cup of my favorite tea with some nostalgic gingerbread biscuits and my beloved magazine… it felt so good!

We also pulled some decorations around the house. It begins to look a lot like Christmas….but before we jump into these we enjoy more everyday kind of art which Fab made for our bedroom! I love it and love the idea of waking up to some happy and motivating canvases (although the reality is that I wake up at 6am and it’s pitch dark in the room so I can’t see much hahaha)

Week in Photos 47

2013 week 47Day after day autumn is easier to be seen in Istanbul. It’s about time, don’t you think so? Still the weather is perfect for running, walks, taking photos and enjoying the time outside… I love seeing the colorful leaves around, wearing sweaters and wellingtones and sipping delicious coffee while enjoying Saturday afternoon with Fab… :)

week in photos 46

2013 week46another week has passed and we are so close to the end of the year right now.. :) It was busy, busy, busy- I feel like I was working non stop and never could finish what I wanted so at the end I decided to slow down and just enjoy a little freedom :)

Fab came back home on Friday and brought lots of yummy stuff from his parents! I’m planning some serious lemon curd making this week:)

Today we entered Avrasya Marathon for a first time! We set up for 10K and of course got super disturbed with beautiful view and each other comapny so at the end we ran around 7K but still it was worth it! We were so lucky with the weather and I’ll be looking forward to this event next year! Also, do you like my new running NIKEs? I’m kind of obsessed and in love!

week in photos 44 & 45

Hello and happy Monday!


2013 week 45

WEEK45 We visited the opening of Contemporary Istanbul. I love this event and I feel so happy that we found some time to go and see and feel art! I feel like lately the days pass filled with work and my other commitments take all the free time so being out and doing something different felt awesome!

The work got a bit crazy with new season opening today. I need good energy so making time to appreciate little things is so important! Beautiful sunsets, quiet mornings, runs, chatting with my family and friends, delicious food- I feel thankful for all these happiness capsules!

My Sunday was a blessing- after some household jobs I finally organized my scraproom a bit, digged into some new goodies from Lemon Owl and Citrus Twist Kits, had time to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee.. It’s a bit different with Fab being away and I miss his company BUT I appreciate the little break so much!

I couldn’t stop myself from trying this new recipe for granola bars and I’m so happy with the result! They came out delicious and I’m happy to have the health(ish) snack with me on hand! Next time I’ll stuck them with coconut and dried cherries. Or with nuts!

2013 week 44

WEEK 44 The week started with a lovely Monday spent outside the office- I got to visit my favorite places in a good company..

I did some shopping towards my wardrobe update goal- the effect was a day in the office on high heels :) It looked good. It felt great! But after 11 hours of that my feet were killing me next day ;)

I started Christmas season- first cards have been made and it didn’t happen without some little accidents- but what would be the season without some glitter everywhere?:)

week in photos 43

2013 week 43Last week was such a week- coming back to work after holiday was a little bit tiring but also so smooth. I like being busy and having a lot on my plate, I like being responsible for things- so working, planning, organizing, preparing new stuff, taking photos- it was all good! It’s been almos 3 months since I started doing what I do and boy, I like it! The weekend passed us at home- it was our kind of weekend with lazy breakfast, delicious coffee, homemade apple crumble, running and cooking together, some scrapbooking time for me and creating time for Fab (and yes, lots of TV shows watched on the sofa in the meantime!:)

So ready to rock the new week! Hello Monday!


week in photos

Do you know that it’s end of the week 42? It means 10 more weeks and yes… end of the year.

2013 week42We finished a holiday week and yes, it was a good one! We had a whole week to spend together! It was warm and sunny although you could feel the autumn crisp in the air. We walked, we ran, we took photos. We went for a day out in the hotel (which was sooooo dissapointing!) and had some crazy rides in the funfair. We ate a lot of delicious stuff. I almost finished my e-course and crafted a lot. And he made me coffee- every single day!

It was amazing holiday week!

week in photos 40

Hello and happy Monday!

Here are few notes and photos from last week!
2013 week 40

It was a good, fun week! We changed things around a bit and instead of having a date night we went for a coffee date in the morning on the way to work- it’s such a little thing but I was in a great mood for a whole long day later- you should definitely try it!

The weather has changed rapidly so we welcomed back to our lifes sweaters, slippers and blankets and the lovely ritual of staying in bed for longer! There is something magical and magnetic about the bed in autumn- I could stay there forever, especially with good reading stuff and something yummy on side (I know- naughty!)

Following my autumn to do list we did some fun shopping last weekend! I’ve had a little wardrobe update and we also got some essentials for the home and for running- my foot seems better so I want to go back to training!

And yes.. this week I’m counting down before longer holidays- literally I can’t wait!

Have a lovely week everyone!

week in photos 39

Hello and happy Monday!

2013week39I think we just passed something which seemed to be the busiest weekend ever and now things should slow down and settle into our regular routine – I’m so happy and grateful for that, I love routine!

The autumn is slowly setting down in İstanbul, the colors change and the air gets more crispy- time for jeans, converse and take away hot drinks in the morning! I try to squeeze in some creative time in the busy days and sometimes it works, sometimes doesn’t but that’s ok! I get crazy in the kitchen during the weekends and catch up with all the cooking which I miss during weekdays- weekends are a feast! Also there was another run this week- I had to watch it from behind the line because after last week my foot acts funny and I don’t think I’ll be running in the nearest future:( But still it was fun to cheer Fab, take photos and get some happy energy from the running people! :)

Have a happy week guys!