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Week in Photos 38

Hello (and yes I can’t and I don’t want to think that it’s Sunday night already!)

Here are some photos and notes from last week:week38Last week we did lots of juggling- literally there was a lot PUSHING to get stuff done. I feel like the creative part of me finally agreed to this new work routine and I made some progress in actually having things done when I can make a bit of time- which usually means early mornings, lunch breaks and evenings. It feels good and finally over the weekend I got to sit down and make something just for fun! I see some light here :)

I’ve had some time this week to visit vintage shops in Istanbul- if you ever come here Çukurcuma is a place to go! So many gorgeous pieces! The weather has changed to the more autumn-like so morning coffee from Fab and hot drinks are must!

And today we went for a run! It was fun 6 km around the lake with beautiful forest around and the air fresh after rain! When I was running some other things, some stuff I hear a lot kept coming back to me and with every step I built my answer to it.

I also listened to some super inspiring speech on TED talks last night and it really made me thinking!

That’s it:) I hope your week was good and the new one will be even better! Huge hugs!


Week in photos 37 – WEEK IN THE LIFE

Today my Week in Photos has a bit different format than usually- all thanks to Ali Edwards’s Week in The Life action. I did it two years ago  in April 2011 and I love looking at these photos- us, our routine, our home, our clothes, everything- simply our life back than. I wish I did it last year and I didn’t want to miss this year so although I knew I won’t be able to take many photos with my camera I took advantage of iPhone and was snapping with it like crazy :)PicMonkey CollageThis time around the weeks are all about finding balance between work, home, relationship, exercising, scrapbooking, family, friends, relaxing- and believe me, it’s not super easy. I’m used to setting my goals high and following my plan so these days it means waking up early, exercising and working on blog before work. I enjoy getting ready every morning (no walking in PJs for half a day and make up games daily!), squeezing time for coffee together and riding the bus to the office with Fab. I work from 10 to 7pm (which means I’m out between 9 and 8.30 ;) and the great thing is that I don’t even realize when most of this time is gone- I like what I do, I enjoy what I learn and it’s a good thing :) On the way home I try to read or catch up with emails and my bloglovin (and believe me Istanbul traffic really makes it super easy ;). I’m working on some super plan which will save us time on evening cooking and so far the experiments work well- we eat out when we WANT to (so once a week or so) not when the situation forces us- there is always dinner/idea and ingredients ready to eat in 15 min after coming home!;) In the evenings we usually watch something (SUITS rock these days!) and when Fab is out I jump into my scrapbooking papers and go wild:) The weekends are for staying in bed, longer runs, shopping at the market, chores, more scrapbooking, preparing dinners for the days ahead, more relaxing, more TV shows, more blogging and planning the following weeks :) Normally we would also go out somewhere- see friends, visit an exhibition, go shopping, but this weekend was eaaaaassssyyy- which isn’t a bad thing at all :)

I’m definitely going to share some tips how I managed to combine fuuuuull time job and all my creative stuff together- as always a good plan is a lifesaver but it’s a topic for another post :)

hAVE YOU PARTİCİPATED İN WEEK İN THE LİFE? If yes please share links to your photos and words below! I would love to see :)

week in photos 36

So another week is over. I felt that time was flying a while back but now, since job jumped on my plate I have no doubts about it ;)
2013 week 36


– I’m getting used to coming home late:) the new routine is slowly being set, new ways to stay organized are being tested and I believe it will all work out!

– I’ve done my curve and I can say I’m excited about work :) It’s a great thing I guess:)

– We are trying to work new ways to enjoy our everyday and going to the office together is one of them! I love mornings on the bus with my best friends company!:)

– After 3 weeks break I’m back on the running track! I missed it and I’m looking forward to incorporating more runs now as days are a bit cooler and Run Istanbul is happening soon!

week in photos 35

Hello, hello and welcome on Monday!

September already, can you believe it?:)

2013 week 35I’m always amazed how quickly the weeks pass, I love this little weekly reminder of happy things which happened in the past days!

– I received my box full of Prima goodies and lovely Spetember kits form Citrus Twist Kits and they made my day! More about it soon:)

– I had to go to Asia to deal with some stuff and it reminded me how much I love travelling between 2 sides of Istanbul on the ferry… the smell of sea is amazing!

– my snack- fresh fruits! Cherries and strawberries are replaced by perfectly ripe figs and sweet grapes and it means that autumn is behind the corner!

– on the way to work on Friday- I love these colors, don’t you?:)

Have a great start into new week!!


Week in Photos 34

Hello and happy Sunday!

I have few photos and some words to share about last week- believe, it was a GOOD week!2013 week 34– my new job makes me more and more excited! This weekend I was looking through some magazines which my brother brought with him from Poland, I glanced at Elle’s cover and my first thought was- I saw it somewhere. Than I knew- “oh. Gucci!” I looked inside and yes, I was right! I’m getting into it! And believe me it’s inspiring and fascinating!

– speaking of work :) I’ve never worked behind the desk in my entire life lol:)

– This weekend it was first time in 3 weeks when I had time to sit at my scrapbooking table. It wasn’t easy to f’nd my mojo…

– but at the end I had some great moments cutting paper and playing with colors! I made 2 new layouts for Lemon Owl which I will be sharing in September- yes, I’m trying to stay as much ahead of my to do list as I can!

How was your week and weekend? :)


Week In Photos

Hello on Sunday night!

Wow, it’s been a busy week and I can’t believe it’s already Sunday and I’m typing these words.

2013 week 33

– on Monday I started a new job. I’m trying to adjust and see if it’s a right fit for me, I won’t be lying and saying it’s all easy, instead I give myself plenty of time to get used to and feel comfortable with all the bigger and smaller changes…

– I don’t know how and when but Friday arrived and I enjoyed a little bit more and it all felt a little bit easier- especially with tuskish coffee and delicious ice cream at hand!

– on Saturday early in the morning we left to Black Sea to spend a weekend by the sea with our friends. We stayed in the tent! We did body boarding! We got suntanned! We rested! and…

– finally we did horse riding with Fab! Thank you Duygu for this picture! It was an amazing week and weekend, and well let’s be honest- I’m excited about upcoming days :)

2013 week in photos 31& 32



Hey dear friends! We are back from amazing holiday! It’s been our third trip this year and I really hope that not last one, but let’s see!  Below you will also find week in photos which I didn’t manage to publish before leaving Istanbul:)2013 week 32

– like every summer we visited Hisaronu- a lovely tiny village 20km away from Marmaris- it’s great, not touristy and so peaceful!

– we enjoyed looooong days on the beach, clear see in the mornings and gorgeous sunsets in the evenings

– it was great to be so close to the nature- although the weather was hot we sneaked in some trekking in the mountains in the early hours- so much fun!

– this place has stolen my heart and charged the batteries perfectly!


2013 week 31the week before holiday was my last NORMAL week- yes, tomorrow I’m going to WORK. Keep your fingers crossed haha :) I was trying to do as much as I could before leaving, but I know that the day has only 24 hours and although I plan it all well I won’t manage to do as much as I used to.

– I had so much fun playing with my August Citrus Twist Kits! Remember about the blog hop and reveal tomorrow!

– My Silhouette was working on full speed while finishing some fun projects for August!

– I photographed trilion of layouts, cards and albums and you will see them all soon!

– Also, it was really happy mail week! This one from HappieScrappie gave me a huge smile!


2013 week in photos 30

2013 week 30


Weather has been really ”generous” this week :) Middle of summer in Istanbul means hot, humid and sunny which is fine with me- I’m charging batteries for gloomy winter days!

– I’m taking advantage of the heat and experiment with bread baking- my bread dough grows like crazy in this condition!

– Although the weather makes it difficult to run we try to get up early and run at least a bit in a park nearby. Than I stretch and try some yoga, oh I’m slowly falling in love with yoga!

– Homemade iced tea is a great heat remedy! We make it by brewing 2 teabags of peppermint and green tea- peppermint is refreshing and green tea energizing!

– I keep creating of course! We will be going away in few days so I’m super motivated to work ahead of my schedule:)

Pogoda była naprawdę ”hojna” w tym tygodniu;) Środek lata w Stambule to wysokie temperatury, wysoka wilgotność powietrza i dużo, dużo słońca- ale nie narzekam, raczej ładuję słoneczne baterie na zapas!:)

– Gorąc za oknem sprzyja eksperymentom w pieczeniu chleba- w taką pogodę rośnie dosłownie jak na drożdżach!

– Mimo że temperatury nie ułatwiają biegania (28 stopni w cieniu o 7 rano:) staramy się uskuteczniać krótkie przebieżki z samego rana, a potem rozciąganie i trochę yogi. Zaczynam się uzależniać od witania dnia tymi ćwiczeniami!

– Domowa mrożona herbata jest świetnym sposobem na upał- my robimy swoją zaparzając miętę i zieloną herbatę razem. Mięta super orzeźwia, a zielona herbata dodaje energii!

– W ciągu dnia pracuję powoli nad nowymi projektami! Za kilka dni wyjeżdżamy na małe wakacje więc mam super motywację, żeby przygotować coś na zaś:)

2013 week in photos 29

2013 week 29


Such a week, first days after coming home from holiday have been awesome!

– I wrote so many plans, ideas and goals in my notebook while waiting for flight from Kiev to Istanbul… 6 hours with limited internet were precious!

– Finally I came home to him ;)

– And I came to my kitchen! First weekend in Istanbul was celebrated with delicious, homemade semifreddo!

– And I came to my desk! Oh, I missed it SO MUCH, it’s great to be back and jump in this happy mess again!

Co za tydzień, te kilka dni od powrotu do domu było niesamowite!

– czekając na lot z Kijowa do Stambułu (6 godzin, co tam) zapisałam pół zeszytu planami, podsumowaniami i pomysłami, które teraz powoli zacznę sobie wcielać w życie:)

– Wreszcie wróciłam do Faba :)

– I do mojej kuchni! Pierwszy weekend powitaliśmy domowym jogurtowo-wiśniowym semifreddo :)

– I wróciłam do swojego biurka! Najbardziej brakowało mi tego miejsca, wpadłam prosto w papiery i w środek tego kolorowego bałaganu!

week in photos 28


My holiday is almost gone! It’s passing so quickly and honestly I’m looking forward to jumping in my boyfriend’s arms but also I know I will miss everyone and everything a lot!

– Fun comes unexpected in here- I have enjoyed every second spend with my family and friends:)

– wearing layers is fun and I really like weather in Poland right now, I won’t probably put a cardigan on for few months after coming back to our hot and humid Istanbul!

– BBQs in the garden will be one of the best memories! I will miss this garden like crazy!

– and I will miss nature in general- I spend so much time outdoors- running, walking, taking photos, we’ve even been picking mushroom in the forest… such a nice break from city life :)

Wszystko co dobre (za) szybko się kończy i moje polskie wakacje powoli dobiegają końca. Czekam już z niecierpliwością na powrót do domu, ale wiem też, jak bardzo będzie mi tej Warszawy i wszystkiego co się z nią wiąże brakować!

– dobra zabawa czai się na każdym rogu, świetne towarzystwo nie pozwala się nudzić i tęsknić za bardzo

– pogoda dopisuje, a nawet jeśli jest pochmurnie to nie mam nic przeciwko warstwom- szaliki i sweterki wyciągnę w Turcji pewnie dopiero za kilka miesięcy!

– grillowanie w ogródku smakuje najlepiej! W ogóle, co jak co ale ogródek moich rodziców będzie na liście rzeczy za którymi szybko zatęsknię!

– podobnie jak natura sama w sobie, którą tu mam na wyciągnięcie ręki. Biegam, spaceruję, robię zdjęcia, miasto z jednej strony a z drugiej lasy i pola- aż żal będzie to zostawiać dla naszego miejskiego molocha ;)