Workspace Wednesday

Hello and happy Wednesday!

I have something different for today, well I miss my camera badly and I miss my scrap space even more but life feels so busy right now! I was looking at gorgeous photos which Marcy and Stephanie have been sharing for last few weeks and I felt motivated to snap some photographs of my desk this morning! Here are the details of stuff I’ve been working on and my beloved washi tapes :)





You can see some more fun scrap spaces lined on Marcy’s blog here! I was so happy just snapping these few images- really sometimes little and simple things are the happiest ones!

Have a lovely day!

4 thoughts on “Workspace Wednesday

  1. sandoodles7

    Hi there,
    I love your washi tape collection, WOW! I’m definitely new to scrapbooking, so I’ve been researching my fair share of tutorials and shops. I hope you don’t mind that I took a quick scan of your blog, but I absolutely adore it! Your pictures are amazing. Keep up the good work!


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