Things to Remember- Fall Heather


I’m so excited for November- we have had beautiful October full of sunshine and warm days and it doesn’t look like the weather will change soon- I love autumn like this! For next we planned the little renovation in our house and while my Fab was buying paint and other stuff in a building store he came across beautiful heather- he made me amazing surprise as it’s one of my favorite autumn plants and I miss it in Turkey a lot! Today’s scrapbooking layout is also about heather- the photographs are from last year trip to Poland and papers come from Lemon Owl!

Heather 1

papers: Lemon Owl Attic Door and Around The Corner, stamps: Sodalicious, embellishments: Basic Grey, Prima

Making this page about autumn but in not-so-autumn colors was really a refreshing experience. We always think about fall in yellow-orange-red-brown color combination and as much as I love these shades sometimes breaking the routine is good and inspiring! I added some more pop of color to the page by fun accents made with mixed acrylic paints- I really missed making my hands dirty! Is it time to dig out my art journal?

heather det1

heather det3

heather det2

heather det4


As it’s Friday morning in here I’ll make my way to the kitchen to brew some coffee and start this end of the week with a full speed!

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