Valentine’s Day Coupons 2014!

You know that my post from 2 years ago when I shared printable coupons for Valentine’s Day is still the most popular on the blog? It’s such a simple idea- just print them, cut and give to your loved one so than he or she can use the coupons to get some little wishes done. Last year I shared a simple, blank version of the Valentine’s Day coupons where you can write your own wishes and playful ideas and this year I have for you mix of 2012 and 2013! You will find the full size files on my facebook fanpage where you can save them from.

coupons-page 2014

coupons empty 2014 good

If you You can share them and download for personal use- I hope they will make your Valentine’s Day a little bit more special! Here you can find the tutorial how to make a little booklet with your printed coupons and here are some more ideas what else you can do with them! Have a happy weekend!

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